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全新系列 -〖5天茶療體驗套裝〗,營養生將定期根據季節性的變化及多年臨床數據制定最具功能性的茶療🍵

今期推介👉🏻 〖5天茶療套裝〗- 感冒茶 (售價: HKD520)



我們對食品的感知有時亦會被味覺所欺騙,所以不能只依賴味蕾來辨別食物的味道。 食物的複雜性可能比你想像的要多得多,就像所列出的食品一樣,當中所含的糖分卻常常被忽略。



【6 Hidden Sugary Foods】

Our perceptions of food products are sometimes deceived by our sense of taste, we cannot just rely on our taste buds to distinguish the taste of the food. The complexity of the food can be much more than you thought, just like the listed food products, of which sugar obtained is often overlooked.

💡 Always read the food ingredient list and nutrition label, in order to know more about the ingredients used and sugar content!

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