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【容易導致便秘的8種食物】- 營養生Negimen




【8 foods can easily lead to constipation】The symptoms of constipation are usually caused by the changes in bowel movement, such as less than 3 times of defecates per week, stools are too hard or too small, or difficult to pass. One of the common causes is due to insufficient fibre intake, resulting in reduced intestinal peristalsis and failure to pass stool normally. In addition to increasing the fruits and vegetables portion, being aware of foods that potentially cause constipation is also important.

The listed 8 foods are generally low in fibre and difficult to be digested by the intestines, which potentially worsen the constipation situation. It is crucial to reduce the amount of the listed foods as much as possible, while drinking more water to keep the stool moist and soft. This allows digestive products to be easily excreted from the body and to avoid constipation at the same time.

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