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Are all Chicken Parts Nutritious?

Although chicken is considered as a high quality protein source, the protein content of some parts is not only low, but also high in fat, especially chicken whole wings and butt.

Apart from being aware of the parts and source of chicken while purchasing, some chickens may be injected with antibiotics or fed along with drugs to speed up growth and prevent chickens from getting sick and infecting each other.

Most of the injected antibiotics and drugs will be stored in fat cells and easily accumulate in the liver and kidneys which are responsible for detoxification. Therefore, frequent consumption of chicken skin and offals is not recommended.

💡Friendly Reminder

In order to gain muscle and lose fat more effectively, realise that protein and energy intake is not enough. More importantly is to reduce body burden and toxin accumulation, allowing the body to get twice the result with just half the effort💪🏻

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