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牛油果是一種健康食品,富含膳食纖維每100克中有膳食纖維 7 g和單元不飽和脂肪。



2) 它影響腸道微生物,以及微生物產生的代謝產物











可以從上圖看到,LDL-C 壞膽固醇由原來的3.5H慢慢降低至正常水平,過程中需要飲食配合,透過天然飲食(包括要有澱粉質如白飯,蕃薯等,優質蛋白質如雞肉,魚肉等,還要有足夠生活協調,讓肝臟休息)及Negimen Tea (度身設計的全中草藥茶療,可以達至護肝及加強睡眠質素等),隨了減低膽固醇,過程中內脂及脂肪都會進一步下降。(多謝會員無身提供自己數據,幫助更多有需要人士了解我們的計劃)

遇上有三高問題時,建議可以前往我們中心,我們的營養師為各位提供大量成功個案的處理方法,飲食情況及Negimen Tea 茶療的安排等。


Eating avocado as part of your daily diet can help improve gut health, a new study shows. Avocados are a healthy food that is high in dietary fiber(7g/100g) and monounsaturated fat.

Benefit of eating avocados helps you feel full and reduces blood cholesterol concentration.

it influences the gut microbes, and the metabolites the microbes produce.

The researchers found that people who ate avocado every day as part of a meal had a greater abundance of gut microbes that break down fiber and produce metabolites that support gut health. They also had greater microbial diversity compared to people who did not receive the avocado meals in the study.

"Avocado consumption alters gastrointestinal bacteria abundance and microbial metabolite concentrations among adults with overweight or obesity: a randomized controlled trial" is published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Source:University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

In cholesterol control, in addition to dietary arrangements, lifestyle and liver function coordination are an important part.

Be aware that weight loss does not proportional to cholesterol drops.

Food only affect around ~15% of cholesterol in our body, and the rest is produced by the liver.

In the cases we deal with, it can be used as a reference by paying attention to the changes in the mid-body fat and internal fat indicators. Generally, in about one and a half months, the level of internal fat can be reduced by one unit, and the value of mid-body fat can be reduced by about 1kg or more. (Medical grade body composition analysis)

The bad cholesterol in the hospital blood report was significantly improved when the test was carried out again. This is a recent hospital blood report in one case:

When encountering a three-highs, it is recommended to go to our center. Centre Nutritionist will provide you with a large number of successful cases, dietary conditions and Negimen Tea treatment arrangements.

Before taking control of medications, we will provide more natural and effective methods to solve health problems for the public.

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