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【如何避免消化不良】- 營養生Negimen








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【How to deal with indigestion?】Indigestion is so common for urbanites which causes gastric distention, stomach pain or gastric acid reflux that disturb our daily life. Apart from taking stomach medicines and reducing intake of irritating foods, what else can we do?

Intake fibre from fibre-rich foods

Although whole grains have high fibre content, which may easily cause digestive burden if consumed along with vegetables and fruits, or even prolonged the period of gastric emptying.

Reduce the intake of legumes and bakery goods

Legumes are not only rich in fibre but also consist of raffinose, a sugar that cannot be digested by human. So it takes a longer time to digest, and easily to lead to gas production with gut bacteria. Bakery goods are made out with a large amount of sugar, oil and leavening agent, which is likely to lead to indigestion.

Be a slow eater

Due to the fast-paced urban living style, most of us are eating too quickly which is potentially burdening digestion. Chew the food for at least 20 times to allow initial breakdown of the food and carbohydrates by amylase, and prepare for upcoming digestion.

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