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【英式下午茶裡有什麼?】- 營養生Negimen

【英式下午茶裡有什麼】「英式下午茶 」是香港女生最愛的打卡活動之一,除了餐廳裝潢優雅、環境舒適、餐具擺盤仲非常精緻,每種食品分量不大最適合與姐妹們分享,一起享受談心時間。不過看似輕盈的下午茶點心其實隱藏住不少卡路里陷阱,一齊睇下你有沒有「中招」啦。


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【What is in a British Afternoon tea】Many of The Hong Kong girls would love to enjoy British Afternoon tea and share the photo on the SNS. Not just because of the elegant decoration, delicate plating and tableware, the culinary delights are in small serving sizes, which is just right for girls to share and enjoy the tea time.

Despite the food being finger size, they may give you an illusion of eating light, there are hidden calories boom in the Afternoon tea set, let's check it out.

Finger size sandwiches were served in traditional British Afternoon tea, the serving size usually less than 100g thus the calories are not high. Egg and Smoked sandwiches are rich in protein compared to cucumber sandwiches. Moreover, the fat content in pastry is high, half of the calories in sausage rolls are literally from butter. To ensure the crispness of pastry, restaurants may choose hydrogenated oil and partially hydrogenated fat, which further increase the trans fat in pastry.

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