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不過關東煮大部分材料經加工,丸類製品都是高納食物。如獅子狗雖然卡路里不算太高,約39大卡,但鈉含量卻高達 565毫克。另外關東煮的湯底加入不同調味料如使用鰹魚湯,也會跟肉類經長時間煲煮,導致鈉和嘌呤含量超標,而增加身體負擔和出現水腫問題。因此食關東煮時不建議喝湯,亦不建議經常食用,少吃多滋味。



【Calories of Oden】In recent years, we can find oden in Donki, Zhengxian etc, but how should we choose the ingredients for oden? First of all, it is recommended to choose whole food, such as turnips, boiled eggs, scallops, kelp, and konjac, which are also low-calorie and healthier choices.

However, most of the ingredients for oden are processed, and the fishball products are high in sodium. For example, although the calories of Chikuwa is not high, about 39 kcal, the sodium content is as high as 565 mg. In addition, different seasonings would be added into the oden soup, such as bonito soup. Besides, the soup will also be cooked with meat for a long time. Both resulting in excessive sodium and purine content, which will increase the body's burden and cause edema. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink the soup when eating oden, or to eat oden frequently, eat less and taste more.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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