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【今個新年你食咗幾多碗飯落肚?】- 營養生Negimen





【How many additional calories you consumed during Chinese New Year?】Eating cakes during Chinese New Year symbolise having a good prospect. At the same time, cakes could bring us extra calories due to their high carbohydrates and fat content. Glutinous rice cake and golden cake contain the highest in calories and fat due to the addition of coconut milk and a large amount of sugar among others. The calories content of 2 pieces already equivalent to 1 bowl of rice, this is mainly due to the rich saturated fat in coconut milk. Comparatively, water chestnut cake and turnip cake are the healthier choices. By adding more water chestnuts into the cake helps increase the fibre content. However, the processed meat added in turnip cakes and taro cakes are high in sodium.

Friendly reminder: Avoid consuming festive cakes with sauces can reduce additional sodium intake.

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