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【新年全盒 - 健康之選】- 營養生Negimen

【新年全盒 - 健康之選】農曆新年就快來臨,不少人都會買賀年食品在家中應節。傳統賀年食品大多是高熱量、高脂肪、高糖份,所以容易吸收過量卡路里,從而令到體重上升。想過年食得健康,今次為大家推介6款健康小食,取代傳統賀年食品。南瓜籽、開心果、巴西堅果含有不飽和脂肪酸,有助血管健康。提子乾和杏脯乾有較多纖維和維他命。黑朱古力的抗氧化成份較高,幫助延緩衰老。雖然這些食品對身體有益處,但部分食品的熱量及脂肪都較高,所以不宜過量。


在家工作同時肝排毒 、養生、 防疫💪🏻



【Chinese Candy Box - Healthier choices】The Lunar New Year is approaching, most of us have been preparing the Chinese candy box for this festive period. However, most of the traditional Chinese New Year snacks are high in calories, fat and sugar, so it is easy to absorb excess calories and cause weight gain. There are 6 healthy snacks suggested for you to replace the transitional ones. Pumpkin seeds, Pistachios, and Brazil nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, which support blood vessel health. Raisins and dried apricots contain higher fibre content vitamins. Antioxidant content in black chocolate is high, which helps to delay aging. Although these foods seem good for health, we should not overconsumed since some of them are high in calories and sugar.

Friendly reminder : Non-fried, unroasted, unsalted, no added sugar and in its original flavour are always the safe choices.

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