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Conversion list for starchy vegetable

It is very likely for us to consume a larger portion starting from autumn when it starts to get cold. Apart from common sources of carbohydrate like noodles and rice, starchy vegetables are usual substitutes for grains. Some may ask whether we should consume less amount of rice due to the intake of sweet potato or potato, or how to estimate the amount. Let's share some tips with you!

For example, half bowl of rice can be replaced by 2.5 pieces of egg-sized sweet potato, potato, or pumpkin. Those starchy vegetables also provide more minerals and vitamins. However, the carbohydrate content of chestnuts is much higher, thus 5 pieces of chestnuts are suggested as a snack which less likely affects your appetite for a meal.

Here is a friendly reminder that although starchy vegetables consist of more micronutrients than grains, the content of dietary fiber and resistant starch are also higher, which easily results in bloating or digestive problems. Therefore, it is not suggested to entirely substitute grains.

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