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【Only know little about cheese?】

We mentioned in the previous post that cheese is a very good source for calcium. The calcium amount that we can absorb when having a slice of cheese is equivalent to a cup of milk. However, not all types of cheese contain a high level of nutritional values. Over-consumption of processed cheese can result in insufficient absorption of nutrients and increase the risk of obesity.

Generally, cheese in its original form or shape is natural while those in square slices are processed. Natural cheese has higher nutritional values with usually 3-4 ingredients, including milk, salt and enzymes. Processed cheese contains only little content of cheese (only 2% in the above figure). Post-added ingredients can be up to 10 types, including emulsifiers, colourings, acidity regulators and preservatives. As can be seen from the figure above, the protein content of processed cheese is significantly lower than that of natural cheese while carbohydrates and sodium contents are higher. Some processed cheese can have a sodium content of 2 times higher than natural cheese.

Therefore, when buying cheese in the future, do take a look at their nutritional labels. Try to replace processed cheese with natural cheese so you can enjoy the original taste of cheese while eating healthily.

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