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【貝果、麥方包真係健康嘅選擇嗎?】- 營養生Negimen



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【Are Bagels and Wheat Bread as Healthy as we thought?】Bagels are receiving increasing attention due to their low-fat nature. However, low fat does not imply low calorie as it turns out that the caloric content of a bagel is comparable to that of a bowl of rice. This does not take into account the extra calorie of fillings that we used to put in bagels! Thus, bagels are not the best option for people who are on a diet. Similar to other bread, refined flour is the major ingredient in bagel, and therefore bagel is not regarded as a nutrient-dense food.

Wheat bread is claimed to be another healthier choice over white bread due to its higher fiber content. The truth is that wheat bread contains only a small amount of whole wheat flour while refined flour remains as the primary ingredient.

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