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【流心月餅都好甜?】- 營養生Negimen




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【Lava mooncakes are so fat?】Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be complete without traditional mooncakes, yet lava mooncakes have become more and more popular these days as well as other varieties and flavours of the new style mooncakes.

According to the Centre for Safety, solid food that contains more than 15g of sugar per 100g is considered as a high sugar food product. Do not overlook the size of a mini mooncake, an average size of mini lava mooncake (45g) as an example, it already contains 9-12g of sugar depending on the flavour.

Especially lava custard mooncakes, a larger amount of margarine, cream and coconut milk, etc. are used to create that creamy lava fillings to enhance the overall sensory characteristics. These ingredients are likely to elevate the contained saturated fat and calories than the ordinary custard mooncakes.

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