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【減肥期間都唔可以完全冇曬脂肪】- 營養生Negimen

【減肥期間都唔可以完全冇曬脂肪】脂肪的攝取往往是減肥期間令人關注的營養素之一,但其實脂肪是我們賴以生存的必需營養素之一。 脂肪沒有想像中那麼可怕,關鍵亦在於健康脂肪的選擇上。





奇亞籽:由於所含有的奧米加3脂肪酸為ALA,因此被視作低質量的奧米加3來源。 當ALA能被身體轉換為EPA和DHA的活性形式時才有利健康,可是此轉換效率於人體中相當很低。




【Fat is also important during the weight loss journey】The intake of fat is often a concern especially during weight loss. In fact, fat is one of the essential nutrients that we could not live without. It may not be as bad as we thought, yet the source of fat is undeniably the key for healthy fat.

Walnut: It contains higher level of antioxidant activity than other nuts, which help fight against oxidative damage within the body, including the damage due to the “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Avocado: Although avocado is a high fat food, it is also rich in fibre that can contribute to weight loss, reduce blood sugar spikes and promotes anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive oil: It has the ability to protect “bad” LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation, which also helps improving the functions of blood vessels.

Salmon: It is well-known rich source of omega-3 and protein, which can help body healing, protecting bone health, as well as maintaining muscle mass during weight loss.

Chia seed: It is considered as a low-quality omega-3 source since they are mostly ALA. It only becomes beneficial when ALA is converted into the active forms of EPA and DHA, however, humans are very inefficient at this conversion.

Coconut oil: It contains shorter fatty acid chains MCTs, which tends to go straight to the liver and will be quickly turns into ketones.

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