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【試過好多方法都未能夠解決口臭問題?】- 營養生Negimen


「益菌」- 乳酪中的「益菌」有助抑制口腔內引發口臭的細菌生長,從而降低口腔內的硫化物含量

兒茶素 - 無糖綠茶含高含量的兒茶素,有助口腔殺菌及消臭作用

檸檬酸 - 柑橘水果富含檸檬酸,尤其檸檬及青檸,有助刺激唾液分泌並產生溶菌酶

維生素C - 想要預防細菌於口腔內滋生,可多吃含豐富維生素C的食物,同時減低牙齦受細菌感染的機會

多酚類氧化物 - 甲基硫醇被認為是口臭的主要成因,蘋果中的多酚類氧化物能抑制此物質;蘋果中的纖維亦能有助增加唾液分泌




【Struggling with bad breath?】There are numerous causes for bad breath includes poor diet pattern, consumption of food with a strong flavor, toxin accumulation in the body, insufficient sleep, and reduced functional activity of the internal organs. Diet could be a way out for bad breath.

Probiotics - The good bacteria present in yogurt helps suppress the growth of oral bacteria that provoke bad breath. Probiotics lower the sulfide content in the oral cavity.

Catechin - Unsweetened green tea contains a high amount of catechin. The antimicrobial activity of catechin facilitates the removal the bad breath in the mouth.

Citric acid - Citrus fruits, especially lemon and lime, are rich in citric acid that stimulates saliva secretion and lysozyme production.

Vitamin C - Food rich in vitamin C can prevent bacterial growth in the oral cavity and lower the risk of bacterial infection in the gum.

Polyphenol antioxidant - Methyl mercaptan is suggested to be the primary chemical leading to bad breath. This can be suppressed by the polyphenol antioxidants present in apples. Also, the fiber content in apples can help stimulate saliva production.

Friendly reminder: The poor functioning of the digestion system, lowered digestive ability and constipation can all lead to bad breath. Therefore, regulating the body back to normal function is the key to treating bad breath.

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