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【碘的重要性經常被忽略】- 營養生Negimen

碘的重要性經常被忽略】碘是維持甲狀腺功能的關鍵及必需的營養素,亦是人體生長、神經系統發育和代謝必要的原素。 若碘的攝取量不足會影響甲狀腺激素分泌,導致甲狀腺功能減退及引致甲狀腺功能亢進。甲狀腺會加倍運作以維持甲狀腺素的正常水平,因而會出現甲狀腺腫大的情況,令頸部脹大頸部腫脹,出現俗稱「大頸泡」的情況,並導致各種症狀,例如反應緩慢、肥胖、月經紊亂或不孕等症狀。 建議多以蒸或少量油快炒以保持食品中的碘。




【The importance of iodine is often overlooked】Iodine is the key component and essential thyroid function, of which is required for growth, neurological development and metabolism. Insufficient intake of iodine could cause to impairment of production of thyroid hormones, leading to hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland would double it function in order to maintain the normal level of thyroxine, the neck will be swollen and goitre, and lead to various symptoms such as slow response, increase the risk of obesity, menstrual disorders or infertility in women. Steam or quick-fried with trace amount of oil is always recommended to retain the contained iodine in food ingredient.

Friendly reminder: It is suggested to limit the intake of iodine if you have hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroid diseases.

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