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【點樣改善糖上癮?】- 營養生Negimen














【How to deal with sugar addiction?】The symptoms of sugar addiction have previously been discussed, but how to deal with sugar addiction? Are there any food or eating habits which stop our sugar craving?

Avoid sweetener intake

Since artificial sweeteners are hundreds or thousands times sweeter than sugar, they may make your taste buds less sensitive to sweetness. Although it reduces your total calories intake, it has no effect on minimising the influence to your brain.

Replace sugary food with fruits

Although fruits contain lots of sugar, they are natural sugar with lots of nutrients like anthocyanin, vitamin C or vitamin E with anti-inflammatory effects.

Have a sufficient meal with various nutrients regularly

A balanced meal with protein, fibre and fat can help in boosting your metabolism and stopping your overnight hunger to avoid too low blood sugar level. Regular meal intervals of 4-6 hours also avoid sudden blood sugar spike and drop.

Greek yogurt

Providing probiotics to balance and protect our gut bacteria for digestive system health. It also provides proteins to prolong our satiety to reduce sugar cravings.

Whole grains, nuts and vegetables

Not only do they provide dietary fiber and fats to keep you feeling full, but also provide high levels of magnesium and vitamin B to reduce your desire for sugar.

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