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【IKEA肉丸大比拼】- 營養生Negimen

【IKEA肉丸大比拼】宜家家俬每年銷售超過 10 萬粒肉丸,宜家也有積極響應環保,爲了鼓勵人們少吃肉,他們尋求從專家的幫助,植物中提取蛋白質,推出新的植物素肉丸產品。


💡新客戶首次參加3個月營養師飲食諮詢及醫療級身體成份分析,可免費獲贈👑皇牌NEGI-10 十天營養茶療計劃乙次(原價HK$3,840)、7天「度身定制」Negimen Tea及 豁免首次定制設計費用(總值HK$1,180),詳情請瀏覽網站。


【HUVUDROLL Plant Ball】IKEA sold over 100,000 meatballs per year, and recently Ikea is actively participating in environmental protection activities. They would like to encourage people to eat less meat thus they seek help from experts in extracting protein from plant and invented the new plant ball product.

The plant ball contains fewer calories than meatball and vegetable ball, the major ingredient is pea protein. Same as vegetable balls, plant materials are not sticky enough, thus IKEA added potatoes and chickpeas as the binding ingredients in plant ball and vegetable ball respectively, therefore carbs content will be higher.

💡New member join 3-month Nutritionist Consultation can redeem NEGI-10 10-Day Detox Program (Original price HK$3,840), 7-Day Tailor-made Negimen Tea with design fee (Original price HK$1,180) for free. Please visit Negimen website for more details.

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