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【懷孕期間可以飲咖啡因飲品嗎?】- 營養生Negimen







【Is caffeinated drinks suitable during pregnancy ?】Many people have heard that caffeinated drinks should not be drunk during pregnancy to reduce the risk of abortion or miscarriage. We also find some decaffeinated drinks in the market, so can pregnant women have caffeinated or decaffeinated drinks?

The answer is to reduce as much as possible. Caffeine easily raises the blood pressure and heart rate, and causes stomach discomfort. On average, 340ml decaffeinated coffee still contains 2-5mg of caffeine. Both decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee naturally consists of lots of active compounds such as chlorogenic acids or caffeic acids. They may influence the sex hormone metabolism and estrogen level, increasing the risk of abortion.

Besides, the maternal caffeine metabolism is slowed down while some caffeine is passed to the fetus via placenta, but cannot be metabolised. Caffeine consumption during pregnancy may also affect its growth development, or even increase the risk of obesity.

Although ACOG suggests pregnant women should take less than 200mg caffeine per day, the source of coffee bean, or other caffeinated products is varied among different brands. It is hard to monitor the total caffeine intake on your own, and thus both caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks are not recommended to pregnant women.

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