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【減重之選 - 低脂高蛋白質】- 營養生Negimen

【減重之選】雞胸肉低脂又高蛋白質,是很多減肥人士的首選食物。一餐雞胸肉的份量只需一塊(約170g) 便足夠,配搭蔬菜和碳水化合物便是一餐均衡的飲食。由於雞胸肉比較少油脂,若烹飪時間過久或烹飪不當便會比較乾身,不過只要把握好火侯和時間,雞胸肉仍可以很滋味。這食譜十分簡單,烹製時間約半小時,可保持雞胸肉的油脂使口感仍很滋味,不用擔心這些油脂會致肥,雞胸肉的油脂大多為不飽和脂肪,適量攝取對健康很重要。


1. 預熱焗爐約10分鐘 (200°C)

2. 將雞胸肉與以上材料混合調味

3. 將雞胸肉放入焗爐焗約22-25分鐘 (視乎雞肉大小)

4. 讓雞胸肉放涼5分鐘後便可享用



【Weight loss meal】Chicken breast is low in fat while high in protein making it become a popular food choice among those on diet. One piece of chicken breast (around 170g) combined with vegetables and carbohydrates is a nutritious and balanced meal. As chicken breast is low in fat, it may come out dry if overcooked. It is important to control the cooking temperature and time in order to make it juicy. The recipe is relatively simple with time required of around 30 minutes, and the gravy can be kept well to enjoy. The fats of chicken breast are mainly unsaturated fats which are essential for health in proper amount, so don’t worry about the gravy making you fat.


Preheat oven for around 10 minutes (200°C)

Mix the chicken breast with all seasoning well together

Bake the chicken breast for around 22-25 minutes (depending on the size)

Rest the chicken breast for 5 minutes then enjoy it

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