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【聖誕餐】製造Pizza時為了更香脆,一般都會加入大量油,加上原來配搭的醬汁和芝士等配料,使Pizza馬上變得高卡高脂。以上6款中,素食至尊和雞肉至尊為較健康之選, 不但卡路里和脂肪量較低,而且通常沒有加入加工肉如腸和煙肉等,使用較健康的材料。另外,由於Pizza通常蔬菜量不足,建議可配搭沙律菜一起享用,不過注意沙律醬的糖和脂肪量,盡量選擇較健康的沙律醬。想更健康可在家自製Pizza,亦是一個好方法與家人朋友共渡聖誕。



【Christmas Meal】Huge amount of oil is generally added in order to produce a crispy pizza, alongside the sauce and cheese making pizza high in calories and fat content. Among the six common examples above, vegan veggie and chicken supreme pizza are healthier choice with lower calorie and fat content as well as unprocessed toppings. Besides, pizza always lack in vegetables, and hence enjoy it with salad is a better way. Be careful with the sugar and fat content of salad sauce. Homemade pizza with family and friends is an amazing way to pass the Christmas.

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