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【益生菌補充劑?不如食多啲富含益生元的食物】- 營養生Negimen



益生元纖維含量高的食物包括: 黃豆、亞麻籽、燕麥、蘋果、大蒜、洋蔥、韮菜和蘆筍。研究顯示攝取膳食纖維能讓分解纖維的益菌增生,產生大量的短鏈脂肪酸,使腸道保持微酸性,抑制壞菌生長,亦有消炎和改善免疫系統的作用。



【Probiotic Supplement? Consume more food containing prebiotics】Nowadays, many people hope to replenish probiotics directly by consuming probiotic supplements. However, studies have shown that after those supplements pass through the esophagus and reach the stomach, some of them will not be able to withstand the gastric acid and will be killed. Thus, only a small amount can actually reach the intestines, and cannot improve the intestinal microorganism imbalance effectively.

Prebiotics are foods that are not absorbed and decomposed by the human body, such as plant fibers in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, they can provide nutrients for intestinal probiotics, promote the growth of intestinal probiotics, and assist probiotics to compete with harmful bacteria.

Foods high in prebiotic fiber include: soybeans, flax seeds, oats, apples, garlic, onions, chive and asparagus. Studies have shown that intake of dietary fiber can increase the proliferation of fiber-decomposing probiotics, producing a large amount of short-chain fatty acids. Thus, it keeps the intestine slightly acidic and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, also reduces inflammation and improves the immune system.

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