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【胃脹食滯都無有怕】- 營養生Negimen

【胃脹食滯都無有怕】新年期間又有糕點又有盆菜,再加埋一啲油炸小食,好容易導致腸道消化不良,出現「食滯咗」嘅情況。建議用餐時,可一併進食洋蔥、秋葵、芹菜等配菜,當中的纖維有助促進腸蠕動,以加速排便,減少肚脹。 進食含有天然酵素的水果,包括奇異果、木瓜和菠蘿有助分解食物中的蛋白質,減輕飽滯感。




【Food that helps relieve upset stomach】Different kinds of digestive problems may start appearing after enjoying the festive dishes of Chinese New Year. Cook dishes with onion, okra, or celery can help promote digestion by encouraging the bowel movement as well as reducing bloating. Consuming fruits that contain digestive enzymes can speed up digestion, and help breakdown the protein in foods, including kiwi, papaya and pineapple.

Friendly reminder: Body will convert excess energy into fat if excess consumption, leading to obesity.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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