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【留住骨膠原 食有計】






Save Collagen from Diet

Anti-aging is a hot issue for both male and females. After the age of 20, collagen production rate decreases by 1% each year. Collagen synthesis and loss are closely related to our diet.

Collagen synthesis involves various types of nutrients. For instance, chlorophyll activates the procollagen peptidase for collagen synthesis while vitamin C helps stabilise the collagen structure.

When the boiling time comes longer, a green-grey ring is formed around the yolk due to the sulphur element of the egg. Sulphur, zinc and soy isoflavones could protect collagen from the damage of UV lights or reactive oxygen species (ROS) to slow the collagen loss.

Pork hock is popular for collagen supplementation. In fact, we need to break down food proteins like lysine before forming collagen, but hardly absorb ALL the protein from pork hock. Meanwhile, its saturated fats may affect our blood cholesterol level. The advanced glycation end products (AGEs) produced from sugar in bread and black sugar, and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) of grilled meat under high temperature may also speed up the cell ageing.

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