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改善5大都市健康問題 (自選功能)

皮膚 - 暗瘡、暗啞、敏感、乾燥、毛囊發炎等

睡眠 - 難入睡、不能進入深度睡眠、容易中間醒等

胃口 - 胃口很大/很小、嚐甜、喜愛油炸、高熱量食品等

頭髮 - 脫髮問題、頭髮稀疏、頭髮生長慢等

排便 - 經常肚瀉、便秘、大便不成形、大便較乾等








Savoury & sweet bagel healthy match

We are familiar with bagels. Regardless of cafe or homemade breakfast, there are various kinds of bagel sandwiches. This time we would recommend some healthy choices in different food groups for your savoury or sweet bagel sandwich. Hope all of you could enjoy the food while having a balanced diet!

Let's talk about the spread of a bagel! We always love spreading peanut butter and jam on the bagel for breakfast. In fact, we should choose the one with fewer additives and sugar-free to reduce our burden by having unsaturated fat but less refined sugar.

Besides, we can prolong our satiety by replacing cream cheese with greek yoghurt, cottage cheese or ricotta cheese with similar texture and flavour, but more protein.

Next time, we would also suggest some protein, vegetables, fruit and nuts to you. Please stay tuned!

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