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①【獨家】中藥師體質分析+即場茶療體驗 (原價:HK$480)

② 營養師健康諮詢乙次 (原價:HK$550)







Smart choice of pasta

Regardless of home-cooking or dining out, we can find various types of pasta in the market. Although it is hard for us to avoid the fat intake from the sauce, how can we smartly reduce the total fat intake or even improve the nutritional value?

For all kinds of the pasta, their ingredients and calories are similar. Still, due to their size, shapes and surface area, the amount of sauce we eat together could be different. For example, penne which is ridged and hollow, would easily let the sauce stick on or cling inside, resulting in a rich amount of sauce and flavour. On the other hand, capellini or spaghetti with smaller surface area would capture less sauce, or even the sauce would be lighter.

To increase dietary fibre intake, we could also try whole grain pasta or brown rice pasta since both dietary fibre contents are double that of wheat pasta and with more minerals.

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