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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 牛丼篇】- 營養生Negimen

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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 牛丼篇】Sukiya以其經濟又美味的套餐深受香港人的喜愛。 雖然日本料理被譽為世界上最健康的菜系之一,但您有沒有諗過 Sukiya 丼飯嘅營養價值?

丼飯的蛋白質含量較高,碳水化合物充足,但一碗牛丼的脂肪含量已經佔了你每天的脂肪攝入量一半,還未計算配菜和飲料。 (假設你每天懾入2000kcal )。 而且牛丼的卡路里相當高,很可能是由於的醬汁中含有隱形脂肪,加上為了創造出嫩滑的質地,牛肉的切件會選用脂肪含量較高的部份。


【Sukiya Don Check - Episode 1 】 Sukiya is popular among Hong Kong people for its economical and tasty set meal. Though Japanese food is well known as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, have you ever wondered about the nutritional value of Sukiya’s Don?

The protein content is relatively high, carbohydrates are sufficient but the fat content in one bowl of middle size Gyndon already counts for half of your fat intake quota per day while the side dishes and drinks are not include.(Assume that you have 2000kcal per day). Whatsmore, the calories in Gyndon is quite high, it might be due to the invisible fat in sauce of dons and the cuts of meat is fatty in order to create a tender, smooth texture.

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