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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 小吃篇】- 營養生Negimen

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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 小吃篇】 有時食一個丼飯唔夠喉,又食唔落第二碗。或者想要多d餸菜時,我地都會考慮Sukiya 嘅小食。不單份量較小、價格較低,仲可以與家人朋友分享。等我地一齊睇下Sukiya幾款受歡迎的小菜啦。

汁煮牛肉的熱量比炸雞的熱量要高,可能因為牛肉中的部分脂肪混在瘦肉中 無法切走而雞肉主要是皮下脂肪,可以通過修剪雞皮輕鬆去除。如果想食得輕盈d,不妨試試溫泉蛋同泡菜。兩者都幾乎不含脂肪(除了原來蛋黃中的油脂含量,但蛋黃的卵磷脂是身體需要的油份)而且它們的熱量相對較低,泡菜仲可以提供更多的纖維。


【Sukiya Don Check - Side dishes】If we are too full to have another bowl of Gyndon, we might think of the side dishes of Sukiya. They are smaller in serving size and lower in price which is a good choice for those who want to share with friends and family or those who want extra meat dishes. Let’s check out on some of the popular side dishes of Sukiya.

The reason why calories of beef cooked in sauce is higher than that of fried Kara age is that the fat in beef is blended in the lean meat and can hardly be removed while chicken’s fat is mainly subcutaneous fat, it can be easily removed by trimming of chicken skin. Besides, half boiled egg and Kimchi are healthier options, both of them barely contain fat (except the original yolk content,though lecithin is good for our body), they are also relatively low in calories, in addition, kimchi can provide a higher content of fibre.

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