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【從汗臭味道了解身體狀況】- 營養生Negimen








[Sweat can reflect your body condition] In hot summer, it is normal to sweat a lot. At this time, the crowded transportation is filled with all kinds of sweats.Actually, the smell of sweat can reflect your physical conditions, let's introduce them one by one.

Stingy sweat: Consuming too much meat and alcohol in the daily diet leads to excessive secretion of hormones.

Fish-smelling sweat: The body cannot normally metabolize trimethylamine in foods such as egg yolks, animal organs, soybeans, etc., which makes body secretions emit a fishy smell.

Salty sweat: Consuming too many high-salt foods in your daily diet, the excessive salt will be excreted through sweat.

Acidic sweat: When the body metabolizes our meals, it produces different acidic substances which should be metabolized by the kidneys. However, if kidney function fails, "metabolic acidosis" may occur which leads to acidic sweat.

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