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【英式早餐的殘酷真相】- 營養生Negimen

【英式早餐的殘酷真相】在現今注重健康的社會中,一頓豐盛的英式早餐並不是最健康的方式開始新的一天。 然而,較健康的煮食方式有助保留食物中的營養素,如使用烤焗而不是油炸。

英式早餐的食材通常包括煎雞蛋、香腸、煙肉、蕃茄、蘑菇、茄汁焗豆、薯餅、黑布丁和牛油吐司,配備茶或咖啡。殘酷的現實卻是超過一半的食材麵屬加工食品。 雖然它們更為惹味可口,但卻添加了更多的鹽、糖、油和防腐劑,以增加其味道及延長保質期。

營養師提提您:根據香港衛生署的指引,成年女性和男性的每日所需能量分別約 1800 kcal和 2250kcal。因此,一頓豐盛的英式早餐已差不多相等於一天總能量需求!

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【The cruel truth of the full English breakfast】In today’s health conscious world, a full English breakfast is not the healthiest meal to start the day. Yet, the cooking method plays a role in twisting the nutritional value of this meal, especially if the ingredients are grilled instead of fried.

The use of ingredients for an English breakfast typically consists of fried eggs, sausages, back bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns and black pudding, which is accompanied by buttered toast, and tea or coffee. In fact, more than half of the listed ingredients are processed foods. Although they tend to be more favourable, a higher amount of salt, sugar, oil or preservatives are added to make the flavour more appealing as well as extend the shelf life.

Friendly reminder: According to the Department of Health HK, the estimated daily energy requirement for an adult is about 1800kcal and 2250kcal for females and males respectively. A full English breakfast is almost equivalent to the estimated daily energy requirement for a day!

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