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【燒味的殘酷真相】- 營養生Negimen




【The truth about siu mei】As a well-known Hong Kong-style delicacy, siu mei is a very precise dish about both marinating and cooking methods, however, the hidden health facts of siu mei are often overlooked. Take the most well-known barbecued pork (cha siu) as an example, although the portion of fat and lean (pork shoulder butt) of the meat is precisely chosen, the proportion of protein is relatively reduced in comparison to lean meat. The main marinades of cha siu include light soy sauce, garlic, maltose, fermented red beancurd and five-spice powder, while more marinades will be spread on top during the barbecue process. The thick sauce and its high sodium content will easily hinder the body from absorbing the nutrients, while cooking at a high temperature will also increase the production of free radicals and the risk of cancer.

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