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✅ 以最天然方法改善自身各方面機制

✅ 同步改善各項醫療報告指數

✅ 逐步減低對西藥的依賴,劑量及副作用

✅ 無需長期服用處方藥物維持、控制及穩定各項指數

【每天只需1包Negimen Tea,輕鬆控制身體各項指標】


【生冷食物原來係咁定義】 生冷食物常被認為是生吃的蔬菜、水果及冷食食品等,但其實我們常與被定義為生冷的食物擦肩而過。食用這些食物除了容易令我們感到腸胃不適或肚瀉外,還會對我們的健康構成什麼影響?





【The Real Definition of High-Risk Foods】

Raw and cold food is often only considered to be raw vegetables, fruits and cold food, etc., but these are not all. Apart from making us prone to stomach upset or diarrhoea, what other potential health impacts?

Raw and undercooked foods are also high-risk foods, which can be divided into 3 categories: no heat treatment, insufficient heat treatment and susceptible to bacterial or viral contamination. It may contain pathogenic microorganisms, which can easily induce immune response. Common symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fever.

💡Friendly Reminder

Refrigerate or dispose of the leftover food within 2 hours of eating to reduce the growth of bacteria. When reheating food, make sure the core temperature of the food reaches at least 75°C before eating!

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