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【植物奶只係得杏仁奶,豆奶同燕麥奶?】- 營養生Negimen

【植物奶只係得杏仁奶,豆奶同燕麥奶?】植物奶主要是以堅果或穀物製成的飲料,適合素食者飲用,不含牛奶成份,現多視作牛奶替代品。大多的植物奶都很容易能於超級市場找到,除了一般的杏仁奶、豆奶或燕麥奶外,其實還有很多選擇。 植物奶大多包含1-17%的堅果或穀物,亦是蛋白質及其他營養素的來源,因此不同的植物奶的營養價值亦各有不同。此外,食品添加劑如防腐劑和營養素都很常被加入其中,以延長其保質期及提升其營養價值。




【Almond, soy and oat drinks are the only plant-based drinks?】Plant-based drink is also known as dairy-free beverage that mostly made from nuts or grains. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and dairy-free, which also sees as a healthier alternative than cow’s milk. Almond and oat drinks are the common ones that can be easily found in supermarkets, yet a wide range of selection can also be found. About 1-17% of the nuts or grains is normally used in the plant-based milk, which is also the protein and other nutrients come from, the nutrient contents various among different ingredients. Food additives such as preservatives and nutrients, these are likely to be added in to extend the shelf life and improve its nutritional value.

Friendly reminder: Milk powder or creamer are added into some plant-based drinks to enhance its sensory characteristics, yet it is always worth reading the nutrition label before purchase.

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