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【食物都有助減壓?】- 營養生Negimen

【食物都有助減壓?】我們大多數人都發現甜食特別令人愉快,因為它是極好的能量來源,可以促進緩解壓力。 除了甜味食品外,泡菜等發酵食品也被稱為富含益生菌的食品,它可能與腸道細菌相互作用,從而對精神健康產生有益的影響。 另一方面,貝類(包括青口、蜆和蠔)的氨基酸-牛磺酸含量較高,可起到抗抑鬱作用,是生產神經遞質(如多巴胺)的必要材料。 原來煮食用的大蒜也可以輕鬆地緩解日常壓力,其中的高硫化合物有助於提高抗氧化劑-穀胱甘肽的含量,這是抵抗體內壓力的第一道防線。




【Does food help reliving stress?】Most of us have evolved to find sweet foods are particularly pleasurable as they are excellent sources of energy, which can promote stress relief. Apart from sweet foods, fermented foods such as kimchi is known as probiotic-rich food, it promotes beneficial effects on mental health likely due to its interactions with gut bacteria. On the other hand, shellfish including mussel, clam and oyster are high in amino acid taurine, which may serve antidepressant effects and is needed for the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Cooking with garlic maybe an easier way to relive stress in daily routine, it’s high sulfur compounds would help increasing the levels of antioxidant glutathione, being the first line of defence against stress in the body.

Friendly reminder: Incorporate matcha powder, fatty fish, chamomile tea and broccoli into the diet helps promote stress relief in a natural way.

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