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【大大隻火雞齊齊食】聖誕節又點少得火雞呢。咁火雞健唔健康?今日就等營養生話你知啦!火雞含有豐富的完全蛋白質,維他命B-3,B-6,B-12 和硒。維他命B群負責身體很多事務,包括:製造身體裡的胺基酸,協助製造神經遞質和協助製造紅血球和脫氧核糖核酸等等。而兩大塊的火雞肉(約85克)就有每日建議參考攝取量 61% 維他命B-3,49% 維他命B-6 和 29% 維他命 B-12。另外,火雞亦含有豐富的硒。硒是一種幫助身體製造甲狀腺激素和和調節身體新陳代謝和增長率的礦物質。所以,只要避開雞皮同厚厚的油脂,火雞是一種很好的蛋白質來源。如果想更低卡路里,可以避開肌肉部分。



【Turkey? Hurry!】Turkey is a must for most families during Christmas. So is turkey healthy? Negimen will tell you all about it today. Turkey is rich in complete protein, vitamins B-3, B-6, B-12 and selenium. Vitamin Bs involved in lots of tasks in our body, including: supports amino acid formation, aids in neurotransmitters, red blood cells and DNA production, etc. And 2 thick slices of turkey contain 61% DV for vitamin B-3, 49% for vitamin B-6 and 29% for vitamin B-12. Turkey is also rich in selenium, a mineral that aids thyroid hormone production and regulating metabolism and growth rate in our body. Therefore, turkey is a good protein source if we eat it without skin and fat. To reduce calories intake, you can also avoid the muscle portion and focus on the white meat.

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