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微量營養素對人體非常重要,維他命D亦不例外。一旦缺乏,便有機會皮膚乾燥,肌肉無力,甚至骨質疏鬆或患上心血管疾病。因此,我們要時刻補充維他命D, 而吸收維他命D就有兩個方法,分別是曬太陽,和進食維他命D豐富的蔬菜、菇菌類、肉和蛋奶類食物。




【How do human absorb vitamin D?】

Micronutrients are essential to our body. Vitamin D is not exceptional. If one is deficient in vitamin D, he may have dry skin, muscle weakness, or even osteoporosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, we should always replenish ourselves with vitamin D through sunlight exposure and consume vegetables, fungi, meat and dairy products that are rich in vitamin D.

Nutritionist suggests enjoying sunlight from 6-10am and 4-5pm for 3 hours because during these 2 periods, infrared light is relatively stronger while ultraviolet light is weaker. It would be harder to get sunburnt. It is preferred to drink more water and eat more fruit and vegetables after sunlight exposure to avoid freckles production.

Regarding dietary intake, go for food that with vitamin D fortification stated on the food label, such as milk, cereals and juice.

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