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Negimen 營養師你好,抗疫其間想增加免疫力,維他命C,維多C每日一粒夠唔夠?


第二,不要攝取過量,每天可從水果及蔬菜等吸收即可(如西蘭花),維他命C沖劑為水溶性,而量一般上會超過1000mg, 不是說有太大問題,只是無需日日飲用一粒 。


如果真的要做到增強免疫力效果,Negimen Box- 最新推出,包含紅景天珍貴成份茶療,當中紅景天對身體更有明顯效果,配合其他中藥成份,在感染後都有幫助康復的功效。Negimen Box 除了數據茶療,還有營養師及中藥師的線上養生營養教學,邊飲邊學。

Hello Negimen Nutritionist, I want to boost up my immunity during the fight against the Covid,How many vitamin C should we take per day?

First of all, vitamin C doesn't help in boost up immunity, but maintains immunity. As an antioxidant, it is helpful to cardiovascular diseases to a certain extent.

Second, don't take too much, it can be absorbed from fruits and vegetables every day (such as broccoli), vitamin C granules are water-soluble, and the amount will generally exceed 1000mg, not to say that there is a big problem, just no need to drink every day.

Third, in addition to vitamin C, there are other nutrients that need to be combined such as enough protein, sleeping time, etc. to ensure a strong body performance. If you really want to strengthen your immune system, Negimen Box- is a newly launched tea therapy that contains the precious ingredient Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola rosea has a more obvious effect on the body. Combined with other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, it will help you recover after infection.Negimen Box also has online health nutrition teaching by nutritionists and traditional Chinese pharmacists, as your best support and professional back up.




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