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⓵ 量度醫療級身體成份分析儀能精準量度19項全身測量及10項分段測量

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You Are Really What You Eat?

Traditional wisdom believes that food ingredients similar to human organs have the function of nourishing various organs with similar appearance. It is of course not that simple and straightforward, the obtained nutrients are in fact the key to the nourishment.

Walnuts have lifelike folds that are very similar to the cerebral cortex, the contained omega-3 fatty acids and more than 36 kinds of neurotransmitters can help maintain brain function.

The shape of straight celery stems look similar to bones, both of the sodium content also accounts for 23%. If the dietary sodium intake is insufficient, it will be extracted from the bone thus affecting bone health.

The structure of the tomato looks like the chamber of the heart. The rich lycopene contained in tomatoes can help reduce the level of bad cholesterol, and also improve insulin sensitivity.

The cross-section of grapefruit pulp is very similar to breast tissue. Citrus fruits can enhance lymph flow in and out of the breast smoothly, prevent breast cell proliferation as well as inhibit carcinogens.

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