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1. ⼰售出、經損毀及已⽤過的貨品,恕不退回現金及更換。本公司有權鑑定貨品是否損毀或已⽤過的貨品之權利。
2. 減價或特價貨品,恕不退換。
3. 療程費用恕不接受轉讓或退還現金。
4. 任何療程有效期由購買日期起計算。
5. 任何療程或服務之訂金恕不接受退款及已付之訂金需要於1個月內使用。
6. 如需取消或更改預約,請於療程前12⼩時通知。缺席預約則當扣除⼀次咨詢計算。
7. 所有療程種類及次數概以發票所列為準。
8. 所有客⼾數據由本公司收集及持有,數據有機會作巿場推廣用途。本公司會採取切實可⾏的步驟,
9. 本公司保留修改服務條款的一切權利,如有任何爭議,本公司保留最終決定權。
10. 如此使用條款及細則中、英文版有所差異,一概以中文版為準。
Terms and Conditions
1. No cash refund or goods exchange will be offered for items that are sold , used and damaged . Our company has right to verify whether your returned goods are in good condition.
2. No exchange of merchandise will be offered on sales or special offer items.
3. Treatment packages are not transferable or cash refundable.
4. Any treatment courses are valid from the date of invoice.
5. Deposits for any treatment courses are not refundable and must be used within 1
6. If you need to cancel any booking for treatment or services, 12 hours or above prior
notice is required. Any person who fails to submit cancellation, your booking will be
considered as used and you will be charged for the same.
7. The treatment type and quantity as printed on the invoice issued shall prevail.
8. All customers’ data is held by our Company and will be collected for promotional
purposes, our Company may take practicable steps to safeguard personal data from
unauthorised or accidental access, processing , erasure, loss or use.
9. Our company reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time
without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of our Company shall be
10. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and the English versions of the above
terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.