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1️⃣ 不進食澱粉即減磅?


2️⃣ 計卡路里減少食量是唯一方法?


3️⃣ 食完馬上睡覺容易肥?





4 Dieting Myth

Regarding on diet, there are multiple ways and diet in the Internet. Still part of it is provided without scientific evidence, and even hurt our body. Today, let's reveal the truth of 4 dieting myth.

1️⃣ Lose weight fast by cutting carbohydrates?

Once cutting carbohydrates, glycogen is used with the reduction of water which makes our weight loss. However, we thus start to use our body protein, resulting in muscle loss.

2️⃣ Counting calories and less food intake is the only way?

Long term calories counting easily makes us anxious and stressful, or even eating disorders. Continually cutting food intake may reduce energy expenditure after adaption, lowering our basal metabolic rate.

3️⃣ Sleeping soon after eating makes you fat?

Calories does not changed over time. Yet most of the food we choose at night are high in sugar, far and calories, fat is easily accumulated. Less food intake 1-2 hour before sleeping is mainly to avoid stomach discomfort.

4️⃣No dessert or snacks when on diet?

Snacking is to relieve your hunger during 3 meals. There are healthy choices for both dessert and snacks to replenish nutrients. Occasionally having dessert or snacks is also good for relaxation.

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