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⓵ 量度醫療級身體成份分析儀能精準量度19項全身測量及10項分段測量

⓶ 營養師諮詢(30分鐘) - 營養師將跟據您的身體數據洞悉您當前及潛在的身體狀況

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【6 Foods To Cure Hangover】

It always takes time for the body to metabolise the alcohol after drinking. This happens when acetaldehyde has not been completely processed by the liver cells, mild dehydration is likely to occur and increases the osmotic pressure in the brain. The body will also increase the frequency of urination in order to speed up the excretion of alcohol, resulting in decreased levels of sodium and potassium in the body. Thus, the reasons that cause us to experience hangover symptoms such as headaches, upset stomach, dry mouth, dizziness or sweating are not unusual.

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