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【Which type of udon is better?】

There are three kinds of udon, which are raw udon (also known as frozen udon), semi raw udon and dried udon.

However, as the main source of carbohydrates, udon is relatively high in sodium. Amongst other, dried udon has the highest sodium level, which is pretty much the same as instant noodles. Over consumption in sodium will lead to different problems. In the short term, it will lead to edema. In the long term, it will increase the risk of having heart and kidney disease.

The recommended adult sodium allowance is set to 2000mg per day, which means around 660mg per meal. Therefore, choosing a raw udon with under 300mg of sodium is recommended. Besides, raw udon contains less food additives. In most cases, it only contains wheat, water and sodium which makes it a more natural and healthy option.

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