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【減重午餐之選 - 5彩雞肉椰菜花飯】- 營養生

【減重午餐之選 - 5彩雞肉椰菜花飯】平時食飯食到悶悶地,又容易飯氣攻心既朋友可以試試將飯轉做椰菜花飯,同時可以減低碳水化合物嘅攝取量,令身體唔會係減肥嘅過程中因能量攝取不足而導致肌肉嘅流失。











【Weight loss lunch idea - Cauliflower rice with 5 colour veggies】It could easily get bored with having rice for lunch on a daily basics, you may try switching plan rice to cauliflower rice if you often feel drowsy after lunch. For those who are loosing weight, this recipe could help reducing the intake of carbohydrates and providing sufficient energy for normal bodily functions, sustain the energy level and help preventing muscle lost.


Chop the cauliflower into chunks, place it into food processor until the cauliflower resembles the texture of rice, boil it until cooked then remove from water, sit aside

Slice the onion and bell peppers, then quick fry

Boiled the sweet corn and red kidney beans

Pan fry the chicken breast with trace amount of salt and pepper

Cut the cherry tomatoes into half and pan fried slightly

Flattened the cauliflower rice in a bowl, then place the toppings on top separately, garnish with coriander

Friendly reminder: Cauliflower can help purifying blood vessels and anti-coagulant attacks, which helps promoting the interference with peristalsis and improving immunity. People with poor kidney functions should consume it moderately due to its high potassium content.

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