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Contaminants In Heat Cooked and Processed Foods

The degree of “golden brown” is often inherited as the criterion when we purchase bakery goods, especially bread and french fries. However, have you ever thought about this tempting golden brown can be a contaminant that can affect your nervous system?

When the starch is cooked at a high temperature of 120°C or above, a naturally occurring free amino acid asparagine in the food will react with reducing sugars, particularly glucose and fructose as part of the Maillard reaction. Acrylamide is mainly produced by this browning reaction, which is when bakery and deep-fried goods start to turn into golden brown.

In addition to reducing the dietary intake of acrylamide by controlling the cooking temperature and time, we can also:

🔸Aim for a golden yellow colour or lighter when deep-frying, baking or roasting starchy food

🔸Mainly boil and steam when cooking

🔸Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator

💡Friendly reminder

Although the epidemiological studies have not supported any consistent evidence that the occupational exposure of dietary exposure to acrylamide is associated with an increased risk of cancer, reproductive or developmental problems in humans, avoidance of acrylamide is still necessary to reduce the burden of metabolism.

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