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✅ 同步改善各項醫療報告指數

✅ 逐步減低對西藥的依賴,劑量及副作用

✅ 無需長期服用處方藥物維持、控制及穩定各項指數

【每天只需1包Negimen Tea,輕鬆控制身體各項指標】







【Differences of Ginger】

Ginger is a common spice, which is always used in ginger tea for warming or in sweet glutinous rice balls soup. But do you know there are 5 types of ginger?

When cutting ginger, we may find there is some fibre on the crossing section, which is the characteristics of old ginger. Old ginger which is hot in nature with a spicy flavour, is suitable for soup or tea for benefiting qi and activating blood circulation. Yet, 2-3 slices of ginger are enough for a cup of ginger tea. Excess dosage may induce gastrointestinal discomfort.

Friendly reminder: Ginger is warm or hot-natured. It is not suggested for those who easily get sore throats or pimples.

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