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全新系列 -〖5天茶療體驗套裝〗,營養生將定期根據季節性的變化及多年臨床數據制定最具功能性的茶療🍵

今期推介👉🏻 〖5天茶療套裝〗- 感冒茶 (售價: HKD520)





❌ 吸煙

❌ 酒精

❌ 久坐

❌ 憋尿

❌ 進食太飽

❌ 動物肝臟

❌ 過於濃味和辛辣食物


【Don't Let Your Organs Live In Fear】

We all know that having a healthy body is critical for everyone, so don’t wait for your body to send out a “distress signal” before remediating it. Simply including different elements to your daily diet can simultaneously achieve health-preserving effects.

💡Make sure you pay attention to the following aspects too

❌ Smoking

❌ Alcohol

❌ Sitting for long periods of time

❌ Hold urine

❌ Eating too much

❌ Animal liver

❌ Too strong and spicy food

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