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以上8款都是日常生活中常見的蛋製品。以短時間低溫煮可以保留大部分營養,容易吸收較多蛋白質。當中以烚蛋營養價值最高,其次是茶葉蛋和滷蛋。溏心蛋及溫泉蛋未完全熟透,有機會存有沙門氏菌及較多致敏原,從而導致食物中毒及過敏。滷蛋、鹹蛋、皮蛋、鐵蛋都屬於經腌製的加工食品,鈉含量會比較高。 ——————————————— 【Eight common egg products】Eggs have high nutritional value, which contain all the essential amino acids and can be absorbed easily and well utilized, so eggs are the source of high-quality proteins. Consumption of protein can help to build up muscle and make you feel full after eating, which are helpful for weight loss.

There are 8 common types of egg products. Cooking at low temperature in a short period can retain most of the nutrients and more protein can be absorbed. Among them, hard-boiled eggs have the highest nutritional value, followed by tea-flavoured eggs and soy eggs. Soft-boiled eggs and hot spring eggs that are not fully cooked may contain salmonella and more allergen, which may cause food poisoning and food allergy. Braised eggs, salted eggs, preserved eggs, and iron eggs are processed foods that have been pickled, so their sodium content will be relatively high.

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