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改善5大都市健康問題 (自選功能)

皮膚 - 暗瘡、暗啞、敏感、乾燥、毛囊發炎等

睡眠 - 難入睡、不能進入深度睡眠、容易中間醒等

胃口 - 胃口很大/很小、嚐甜、喜愛油炸、高熱量食品等

頭髮 - 脫髮問題、頭髮稀疏、頭髮生長慢等

排便 - 經常肚瀉、便秘、大便不成形、大便較乾等


【火鍋蛋白質 天使與魔鬼】





Hotpot Protein Angel & Devil

It’s getting cold, and it’s time to have hot pot. Meatballs, seafood and fresh meat won't be missed. Let's find out some low-fat options!

The amount of each kind of food listed above is varied, but all equivalent to 200 kcal. Beef tenderloin, grass carp, scallop and shrimp are lean protein sources containing all essential amino acids, which helps our body metabolism and cell synthesis. Most of them in the "alarming" and "devil" categories are processed food. With the same energy value, the actual amount is relatively fewer but with almost doubled the amount of fat. High fat intake would interfere protein absorption in the small intestine, which should be consumed less.

Regarding dumplings and meatballs, those with less additives, non-fried and unstuffed are suggested to bring less burden to the liver detoxification.

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