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How much starchy veggie should I eat?

We are familiar with starchy vegetables like sweet potato or potato, yet there are some vegetables regarded as starch. Let's look closer to it today!

Starchy vegetables provide not less than 5g of carbohydrates per 100g, like carrot and sweet corn. As shown above, their carbohydrate contents relatively higher than those of the baby corn and radish, which are just considered as vegetables.

Lily bud as a common ingredient for soup or dessert, is also considered as starchy food with the functions of clearing lung heat and moistening dryness. Colchicine found in the lily bud has ant-inflammatory properties to reduce the pain of gout or arthritis. Burdock is usually found in Japanese side dishes which is rich in dietary fibre can help peristalsis. Luteoli is a kind of flavonoid found in burdock promotes anti-oxidation and inhibits hyaluronic acid breakdown to protect our soft tissue.

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