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【腸胃出問題 點知道?】




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【腸胃出問題 點知道?】






How to know your gut condition?

Our digestive system is known as the second brain. Still, our work, eating habits, stress and mood all relate to our gut issues. How does our body give a signal to us?

Have you noticed a sour taste in your mouth in the morning or before bed? This tells the stomach issues such as more gastric secretion or indigestion. Besides, the position of acne is a hint. When acne around the nose is developed more, it is likely to tell your spleen or stomach may be suffered, or excessive toxin accumulation.

Frequent burping or smelly farts also tell you excess intestinal gas is produced during digestion while the smell of farts (strong or mild) is affected by the body's toxin level. If having black stools, it could be a sign of over-intake of iron supplements or iron-containing food. This may also relate to the bleeding in the upper digestive tract.

If you have the symptoms shown above for 3 week or more, the digestion and absorption ability may be affected.

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